Seeing Red: The Color of Revolution is Not Blue

There’s a new hashtag trending in the autistic community. #REDinstead. It’s a direct response to Autism $peaks’ “Light it Up Blue” campaign, which had continuously used autistics as inspiration porn and dehumanized us to the point where we can’t even be trusted to have a say in passing our own legislation in regards to services.¬†And we are fighting back, using what little ammunition we have.

Despite there being so much information against Autism $peaks and what it stands for, most people defer to them as an authority on autism. But much like the Susan G. Komen foundation, Autism $peaks does not take care of its charges. Which is why the autistics that are online have sworn to take away its power by backing such organizations like ASAN and the Autistic Women’s Network.

We autistics are here to tell you about ourselves. We want you to know that we are not broken. We simply run on a different operating system. We are creative, empathic, studious, goofy, sarcastic, and very misunderstood. We don’t need awareness. Everyone is aware that autism exists. We need acceptance. We need understanding, and accommodation, and for you to know that we are people too.

My friend and I have partnered with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network and pledged to donate 10% of our earnings through the nail wraps we make through the Jamberry Nail Art Studio in order to promote acceptance. Other autistic artists are writing think pieces and designing bags, t-shirts, bracelets and jewelry as well in order to promote acceptance.

This blog, for the month of April, will be lifting up other autistic artists, musicians, bloggers, writers, etc. in order to give our allies and potential allies all the resources they need to see that we aren’t broken. We’re whole people.

We’re not a jigsaw puzzle, and we will not be blue. We are the Color Red. The color of change, of anarchy. We are Passion, Anger, and Change.